What is a vegetable box scheme?

A vegetable box scheme is an operation that delivers a box of locally grown organic vegetables directly to you, the customer, on a weekly basis for a duration of 4 months. The vegetable offering varies from week to week depending on what the farm has planted but it is likely to be seasonal.

How does Goodness Graciously’s box scheme work?

We invite you to sign up for a Goodness Graciously membership which last 4 months during which you will receive a weekly box of vegetables fresh from our farm.

How does Goodness Graciously’s vegetable box scheme differ from other vegetable box schemes?

We differ from other schemes on several levels :

  • Firstly, we are a social enterprise that uses composted food waste to grow our vegetables thereby recycling community waste into nutritionally diverse compost with which we grow your vegetables
  • Secondly, as a social enterprise, we set aside a proportion of each week’s harvest to give to charities for whom fresh organic vegetables are not an option.
  • Thirdly, we are farmers ourselves and not middlemen or distributors who are an added cost. So, we are delivering fresh organic vegetables directly from our farm to your home!
  • Fourthly, you are part of a farm-share, also commonly known as Community Supported Agriculture. That means that we are growing vegetables for you thereby providing a direct link between us, as farmers and you, our members. We want to do this to help people to connect back to the earth and the food they eat. As a farm-share member it does mean, however, that you share in the harvest: during good growing seasons, everyone benefits by getting more produce. When the season is less bountiful, members shoulder the risk and receive less.

What do I get in a box?

Each week you will get about 5kg of vegetables in a big box and 2.5 kg of vegetables in a small box. The choice of vegetables you will receive depends on what we have been able to grow on the farm but with a range of close to 30 vegetables, we’re sure that there’ll be something for everyone !

How does the farm decide on what vegetables to plant ?

Our growing plan is based on a crop rotation system to ensure soil fertility and health. Some vegetables are very good at putting nitrogen(a building block of soil fertility) into the soil. These includes legumes such as beans and green manure crops such as Spinach. Other crops are nitrogen takers. These are crops such as sweetcorn and eggplant. So, if we plant a round of sweetcorn, it will normally be followed by a round of long beans or green beans to ensure the soil has an opportunity to revitalise and stock up on nitrogen. The same logic then applies to the other key building blocks of soil fertility, namely potassium and phosphorous. We will again, rotate crops based on whether they are potassium or phosphorous givers or takers.

How long does each membership last?

One membership cycle lasts 4 months

What if I’m travelling or will be away?

Over a duration of 4 months you may postpone delivery 2 times. All subsequent non deliveries will be rerouted to a charity of our choice.

When do I pay for the vegetables?

Membership fees are payable in advance at the start of each membership cycle.

What if I don’t like it after 2 months?

Because this is a farm share scheme, the vegetables are grown based on the number of members who are signed up. Hence, once a membership is committed to, it will have to run the course. In the event that you want to stop deliveries, we will send the remaining produce to a charity supported by us under your name.

Can I choose what vegetables to receive each week?

No, you can’t but members can indicate up to 2 vegetables that they do not want in their boxes which will be replaced for the duration of the membership cycle

Do you deliver all over Singapore?

Yes, we do and the cost of delivery is included in our pricing.

What day is delivery?

We aim to keep our transportation costs and carbon footprint to a minimum and to that end will try and be as efficient in our deliveries as possible. As such, deliveries will be on a fixed day to be determined and usually at roughly the same time each week.

Can I visit the farm?

Absolutely! You are most welcome at anytime to come and visit us and meet our farmers and get to know your vegetables. We believe that as consumers we have become so distant from our food that one of our abiding mantras is “know your farmer, know your food” and to that end we would love to see you down on the farm. Feel free to visit just to see or get stuck in and help out in planting, pruning, harvesting or packing your own vegetables ! All we ask is that you give us 24 hours notice of your intention to visit so that we can have someone on hand to meet you and show you around.

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